Staff Specialist for Deaf-Blindness Position Open

DORS is pleased to announce that the Staff Specialist for Deaf-Blindness position announcement is open and available through the link below.  Please feel free to share these interested individuals.

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2018 Holiday Party Updated

It’s time for our annual election and holiday party again, here is the RSVP and we are strongly encouraging you all to RSVP. We will not be taking payment online. If you need assistant please email contact us. Touch you all soon! MWADB Annual Election & Holiday Party 2018 Title: Annual Election & Holiday Party… Continue reading 2018 Holiday Party Updated

5k Fun Run for DeafBlind Camp of Maryland, Inc.

DBCamp Supporters 5K Fun Run for DeafBlind Camp of Maryland, Inc. Where: CCBC Catonsville Campus: 800 S. Rolling Road on the Outdoor Track near Lot 5. When: Saturday, November 10. We will run several heats, starting at 3pm. Who: Individuals can run/walk for $25. SSPs available for DeafBlind runners/walkers. Challenge Teams of 10+ can run… Continue reading 5k Fun Run for DeafBlind Camp of Maryland, Inc.

Volunteers and Directors Vacant for Election

We are seeking for volunteers and directors to join board. We need volunteers interesting to join us. Currently we are seeking for election chairperson to host election. Vice President Secretary Treasurer Bylaw Chairperson

LAD Award Ceremony

I’m Katie, the Programs and Communications Manager for the Maryland Governor’s Office of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. I wanted to get in touch with you and see if you could send word out to the MWADB community of the nominations for our annual LAD Award Ceremony. We have a Facebook post that explains… Continue reading LAD Award Ceremony

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Happy Summer to All of our Member, There is no new announce since everyone had been preparing for their summer vacation and also the Deafblind camp of Maryland just finish.  We will be planning some summer activities soon. If you have anything you would like to share please email them again, please. Thank you and… Continue reading Summer

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Picnic event Cancel

Look like the weather is not cooperating with us today and since it was raining all week it might be very muddy. We know you all want to get together and we are short on SSP and concern about cooking delicious food in the rain. Today event will be CANCEL, we are sorry to give… Continue reading Picnic event Cancel

20 Year Anniversary – Deafblind Camp of Maryland

Deafblind Camp of Maryland want to invite you to celebrate the twenty year anniversary of camp, the DeafBlind Camp of Maryland is hosting a gala on the last night of camp, June 14. Please note that those coming for the gala may not stay overnight.  They must leave the camp when the gala is over. Join the DeafBlind Camp of Maryland, Inc.… Continue reading 20 Year Anniversary – Deafblind Camp of Maryland