Blaise Hello everyone!

Blaise here typing this message….As we know we, the DB community cherish our traditional cookout every year. So far, the board still has no event coordinator…I’m happy to do it this year. President Jason can’t make it so he permits me to chair the cookout. I voluntarily have it at my residence – backyard.  So, it will be limit to 15 DB people and their SSPs totaling over 30 people which is enough. Please read some info below and please ask any questions to me directly. Vice President Ben will assist me to succeed this event. It’s so exciting to have a family doing it together for fun! Smile

When: Saturday, June 1st

Time: 11 am to 4 pm

Where: Blaise Delahoussaye’s residence in Rockville, MD

RSVP date: Tuesday, May 28 (email directly to

What to bring: Potluck lunch

BBQ veggie and beef burgers – MWADB

Hot dogs – MWADB

Drinks: MWADB

Potato Sald: ?? You?

Baked Beans: ??

Lettuce/Tomatoes/Onion: ??

Relish: ??

Ketchup/Mayo/Mustard: ??

Burger Buns: ??

Hot dog Buns: ??

Any Cold salads: ??

Fruit Salad: ??

Any Desserts: ??

Devil Eggs: ??

 Whatever: ??

Once you RSVP me with your choice of what it end to bring, I will respond back with the confirmation.  I will give more details to RSVPers only afterwards. 

Thank you,

Blaise Delahoussaye

Cookout Chair