UPDATE time for April 27

Martha said that people who bought tickets will get email with electronic tickets.  They have 3 options:
1. print tickets and bring 

2. show e-tickets on mobile device

3. go to Kiosk, give their name and ask the employee to look them up and print their tickets        ———
        Let’s go only a week left!

        We will leave at 12:45 pm from Waterfront Metro Station outside going to Pier if those of you arrive late. See below for specific add from Martha.

        FYI: Senior price will be increased at KIOSK of pier.
         Bring family; friends…

        Looking forward to see you all


        I asked Martha Beckford of the water taxi company some questions and answers are below:

        1) if some of our group purchase ticket at box office, Southwest Wharf on day of water taxi before two pm departs, will the price be same?

        At the kiosk the ticket seller can sell the Senior rate which will be $18.90.  The comp ticket can be done at the booth as well.

        2) let us know if seats on water taxi is near full or plenty of seats?

        There are plenty of seats still available.

        3) what is the address of Wharf site?
        Ticket Booth/Dock: Transit Pier, 950 Wharf St SW
        *Pedestrian access only. Located between Blair Alley SW & 9th St SW

        Pick-up & Drop-Off: 950 Maine Ave SW, Washington, DC

        For more information on parking and directions, please visit The Wharf.

        4) Can allow someone  to bring bottle of water or snack?

        Yes, you can bring water and snacks onboard.  We also sell concessions onboard.

        5) if someone has ticket and miss the water taxi, 2 pm departs, will he or she get refund?

        Yes,  have them contact me.